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Vue cinemas plan "automatic social distancing" for families when reopening

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Vue have explained plans to enforce “automatic social distancing” ahead of a potential nationwide reopen of cinemas in July.

The chain explained there have been talks in motion with governments across borders to plan for a safe return to business, following closures enforced by the coronavirus pandemic.

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“We have been liaising closely with authorities across Europe to design operating procedures that can provide the degree of social distancing required and allow an experience for our customers and staff that is as safe as possible,” Vue told Variety.

Such procedures includes giving families the possibility to isolate their seats from others via the online booking system (dubbing it “automatic social distancing”), staggering screening times in cinemas and also introducing “enhanced cleaning and employee protection protocols.”

The news comes after Vue boss Tim Richards said last week (May 5) he was “hopeful” cinemas would reopen by June, looking forward to the release of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet on July 17.

In Boris Johnson’s newly unveiled exit strategy, cinemas look to hypothetically reopen in July, if the first two stages are successfully delivered. “The ambition at this step is to open at least some of the remaining businesses and premises that have been required to close, including […] leisure facilities (like cinemas),” the statement said.

“Big screen entertainment is a force for good in society,” Vue added, “providing an accessible and controlled way for families to begin to enjoy life outside their homes and we are excited to be able to start planning for a future where we can enjoy movies together again.”

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