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Trevor Noah parodies Margot Robbie to explain GameStop saga

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Trevor Noah has recreated Margot Robbie’s iconic bath scene from The Big Short to explain the GameStop shares saga to fans on social media.

Electronics retail company GameStop’s share price has skyrocketed over the past week, increasing from under $100 (£73.23) on January 21 to a closing price of $347.51 (£254.50) on Wednesday (January 27).

Concerns have been raised over investor activism, while several hedge fund short-sellers have been hit with catastrophic losses. It has since been announced that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are to review the role of Reddit in the recent price surge, with investment app Robinhood removing its online stock.

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The move – which is preventing millions of people from trading in GameStop and AMC – has resulted in worldwide coverage, and Noah took to Twitter yesterday (January 28) to shed a bit of light on the situation.

Superimposing his face onto Robbie’s, in a scene where she thoroughly dissects the moving parts that led to the US housing market crash, Noah gives his own explanation of the ongoing GameStop controversy.

“Margot Robbie wasn’t available to explain this GameStop situation in a bathtub, so this is the best we could do,” Noah tweeted.

Watch the video below.

A number of celebrity figures have spoken out this week over the controversy. Ja Rule hit out at the Robinhood app, calling their involvement a “fucking CRIME”.

The rapper later told Rolling Stone that he’s been following the GameStop saga “for a week or so”, saying that the WallStreetBets Reddit group “have been fighting back” against “the big Wall Street guys”.

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