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Tom Hanks praises Edinburgh bookseller for his dedication to typewriters

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Tom Hanks has called an Edinburgh bookseller a “hero” in a handwritten letter.

Tom Hodges, a bookseller and the only typewriter mechanic in Scotland, wrote the beloved actor a letter over the summer to inform him of his shop Typewronger Books and an ongoing exhibition about typewriters at the National Museum of Scotland.

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Hodges told The Guardian that Hanks replied to his letter, in which he had explained how he became a typewriter “geek” after living at the iconic Shakespeare and Company bookshop in Paris.

“I receive letters from people all the time and they are all precious to me but it is not every day you receive one from a Hollywood legend and they call you their hero,” Hodges told the publication.

He added: “I love all his films but I also love the fact he is such a fan of typewriters.

“It is a gorgeous letter and I am made up about it. It’s all been a bit surreal. It will be framed and have pride of place in the bookshop.”

In the actor’s letter, he reportedly praised Hodges for “battling against the giants to sell the best of books – and keep typewriters alive”.

Elsewhere, Hanks recently joined the star-studded ensemble cast of Wes Anderson’s next film, now confirmed to be called Asteroid City. Production wrapped earlier this month, after shooting started in Spain in August.

The actor will be starring alongside Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Adrien Brody, Margot Robbie, and more.

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