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Steve-O reveals 'Jackass' stunt he refused to do

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Jackass star Steve-O has revealed a stunt from the original film he refused to do.

In an interview with Yahoo promoting his recent memoir A Hard Kick In The Nuts, the stuntman said that he drew a line at the ‘Toy Car Up The Butt’ sequence, which involved inserting a lubricated toy car up the anus and then visiting a proctologist who would perform x-rays.

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The stunt, which featured in 2000’s Jackass: The Movie, was instead performed by the late Ryan Dunn.

“I got all this great footage backing out of it. And the way it played out for Ryan [Dunn], there was nothing that could be changed to make it any better,” said Steve-O. “That was the most iconic, incredible thing we ever filmed.”

The ‘Toy Car Up The Butt’ sequence isn’t the only stunt Steve-O has refused to perform, however. Jackass co-creator and star Johnny Knoxville previously revealed that his co-star flat out refuses to perform bungee jumps.

Jackass Forever
‘Jackass Forever’. CREDIT: Paramount Pictures/MTV Entertainment Studios

Elsewhere, Steve-O recently opened up about his struggles with substance abuse, revealing that he once went through 600 cartridges of nitrous oxide in 24 hours.

“That was when all the crazy shit would go down because I would be like awake on cocaine for three days and inhaling nothing but nitrous oxide,” he said during an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Speaking of the hallucinations he experienced, he added: “And at that point is when shit starts popping off and people are walking around my apartment who are never physically there.

“Like actual fucking people, man, I watched a dude walk through my apartment and fucking pick up my bong and take a hit and blow out smoke and just walked through the wall. He was never fucking there. Ever.”

The Jackass performer also said he experienced tactile hallucinations, where he could feel things which weren’t really happening.

Meanwhile, Jackass could be returning for a new TV series later this year, courtesy of Paramount+.

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