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Seinfeld and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind actor Gene Dynarski has died

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Actor Gene Dynarski, who appeared in the likes of SeinfeldClose Encounters Of The Third Kind and more, has died aged 86.

Born in Brooklyn in 1933, the character actor memorably appeared as Izzy Mandelbaum Jr. in two episodes of Seinfeld, the son of Lloyd Bridges’ Izzy Mandelbaum and the grandson of Earl Schuman’s Izzy Mandelbaum Sr, all of whom are constantly competing with one another.

Although Dynarski died on February 27 at a Los Angeles rehab centre, his death has only just been announced publicly, by the playwright Ernest Kearney via The Hollywood Reporter.

Alongside his film and television career, Dynarski also ran The Gene Dynarski Theatre in Los Angeles from 1979 until the mid-1990s. It saw performances from the likes of Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Shue before they hit wider fame.

As well as his role in Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Dynarski also appeared in such films as All The President’s Men and Earthquake.

His television career began in the 1960s with roles in The Monkees, the original Mission Impossible TV show, as the henchman of Vincent Price’s Eggman in Batman as well as two different roles in the original series of Star Trek.

He later returned to Star Trek as Commander Orfil Quinteros in the 1988 series of The Next Generation, and in his later career appeared in The A-TeamThe X-Files and Starsky And Hutch. He is survived by two daughters.

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