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Sean Young on 'Blade Runner 2049' VFX cameo: “Wasn’t that so full of shit?”

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Sean Young has discussed her likeness being used in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner 2049 and what it was like working with the award-winning director.

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Young, who starred as Rachael, the replicant love interest of Harrison Ford’s character Rick Deckard in 1982’s Blade Runner, has alleged that the film’s aggressive love scene between her and Ford was the result of her turning down Scott’s advances.

“Well, honestly, Ridley wanted me to date him. He tried very hard in the beginning of the show to date him, and I never would,” Young told The Daily Beast. “I was like, nah. And then he started dating the actress who played Zhora, Joanna Cassidy, and I felt relieved.”

She continued: “And then we do this scene, and I think it was Ridley. I think Ridley was like, ‘Fuck you.’ I was thinking, ‘Why did this have to be like that? What was the point of that?’ and I think it was Ridley’s none-too-subtle message that he was getting even with me.”

Young went on to say that after turning Scott down the director never worked with her again. “That was weird. What the fuck?” she said. “You hire Russell Crowe a gazillion times and you’re not gonna hire me again? And I was very nice to Ridley over the years. I never bad-mouthed him. It didn’t occur to me until later that I guess I’d offended him.”

The actor, who has also starred in films such as Dune, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Wall Street, was then asked if Rachael’s 30-second hologram cameo in 2017’s Blade Runner sequel, Blade Runner 2049, was “a final insult”. She replied: “Wasn’t that so full of shit?”

Blade Runner 2049 finds Rachael dead and many of the characters searching for the daughter she had with Deckard. Young’s physical likeness was recreated using VFX in a scene where Rachael appears to Deckard as a ploy created by Niander Wallace (Jared Leto).

“And there was nothing I could do about it,” Young said of the VFX cameo. “It was very clear that they knew that the audience would be upset that I wasn’t in it, but they didn’t want me to bitch about that publicly. So, they paid me some money, made me sign a non-disclosure agreement and gave me 30 seconds. And I was like, fine.”

She concluded: “They did give my son Quinn a job on [Blade Runner] 2049 in visual arts, and I said all was forgiven. He’s got great skills.”

Meanwhile, Steven Knight and Ridley Scott are teaming up for a new WWII TV series called Roads Of Freedom.

The show will be a 10-episode arc based on Sir Antony Beevor’s books, set to tell the story of World War II from a number of international perspectives.

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