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Richard E. Grant thought he would "never work again" after 'Hudson Hawk'

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Richard E. Grant has revealed that he thought he would “never work again” after the failure of Hudson Hawk.

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The actor starred in the 1991 movie about a cat burglar forced to steal Da Vinci works of art alongside Bruce Willis and Andie MacDowell.

In a new interview, Grant admitted that he and MacDowell thought they would never be cast in anything else after watching an early screening of the notorious flop that re-teamed Die Hard producer Joel Silver and star Bruce Willis.

“I sat with Andie MacDowell and our agents when we were encouraged to go and see a screening of it before its premiere, and Andie and I both looked at each other simultaneously and said, ‘We will never work again’,” he told The Guardian.

“So, with the best intentions, I think it’s like internet dating or any dating: you go into something hoping you’re going to fall in love and it’s going to work out…and then, of course, it’s a living nightmare!”

He added that Willis asked him why English actors so readily take on roles that are “unsympathetic or deviant,” a question that struck him as odd, given that Willis admitted he would “never do that.”

“Maybe that’s the definition of a movie star, which is what he is, as opposed to a character actor, which is what I am,” he said. “It just clearly divided the line between what your career choice or trajectory is.”

Last year, Richard E. Grant was “overcome with emotion” after Barbra Streisand responded to a fan letter he wrote her when he was 14 years old.

The actor shared the letter on his Twitter page and posted it with a photo of himself outside Streisand’s California home.

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