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Richard E. Grant says his car was stolen and used in ram-raid while he quarantines

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Richard E. Grant has said his car has been stolen and used in a ram-raid while he’s stuck in quarantine.

The actor has been quarantined inside a Holiday Inn hotel at London’s Gatwick Airport after visiting family in South Africa, following new travel restrictions enforced to combat the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Grant has shared numerous updates on Instagram of his experience since last week, quoting lines from 1987 black comedy Withnail And I throughout.

In his latest update, Grant posted a video to share another quote with the caption: “Withnail Covid quarantine quote for Wednesday.

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“Woken up at 4am – police called to report that my car had been stolen and used to ram-raid a Tesco Express! Like my pal Eric Idle is won’t to warble ‘ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE’!”

In the clip quoting Withnail And I, Grant said: “I think we’ve been here too long. I feel unusual. I think we should go outside.”

As reported by the MailOnline, a 4×4 was pulled out of a Tesco Express in Bear Road, Hanworth, west London, on Monday (December 6). Police said they removed the car from the building at 2.30am after a burglary, but wouldn’t confirm if it was Grant’s car.

In a video on Twitter, which has since been deleted, Grant bemoaned the quality of the food at the hotel. The actor said: “I went to southern Africa to visit my 90-year-old mother and got caught by the red region COVID restrictions.

“It took over a week and many cancelled flights to finally get home, for which I am incredibly grateful.

“I understand that there are security costs in the hotel and you’ve got to pay for two COVID tests, but £228 a day to receive three meals a day of this very poor standard, in a supposed four star Holiday Inn hotel, beggars belief.”

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