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Netflix testing out shuffle button that plays randomly selected titles

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Netflix is testing a new feature called ‘Shuffle Play’, which will see the random streaming of titles for indecisive viewers based upon their viewing history or playlists.

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“The purpose of the test is to make it easier for members to find something to watch,” a Netflix spokesperson said of the worldwide test that is being trialled on connected-TV devices only. (via Variety).

The streaming giant plans to use the findings from the test to eventually roll out a permanent “shuffle” feature on Netflix. “The hope is to absolutely productise something,” the spokesperson said.

Once users hit ‘Shuffle Play’, titles similar to the ones in their watched previously list; titles in genres they’ve viewed; or content they’ve saved in the “My List” section will start playing.

“Interesting new feature @netflix,” one user tweeted about the new feature, “but what kind of insane person just says, ‘yolo, let’s spin the Netflix wheel of fortune’.” Another wrote: “Shuffle play on Netflix. It’s a thing…”

Netflix tested a similar feature in 2019 with a random-episode button on its Android app, which was available for select TV shows. The company then began a second round of testing in July 2020 globally with ‘Shuffle Play’.

Users can find the ‘Shuffle Play’ button in three different places: underneath the profile row in the startup screen; in the “billboard” area on the home screen of a user’s profile; or on the TV menu sidebar.

Meanwhile, an app called Netflix Party is letting web users and film fans play film and TV content from the streaming service in sync with friends and family.

While many are practicing social distancing and self-isolation in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Netflix Party gives people the option to spend the time watching films and TV in groups online.

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