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Lindsay Lohan wants to make Freaky Friday sequel a reality

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Lindsay Lohan wants to make a Freaky Friday sequel based on an idea from Jamie Lee Curtis.

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The pair starred in the teen comedy back in 2003, which sees a warring mother and daughter forced to swap bodies by a curse, and a sequel could now be on the cards.
Lohan revealed that she has been in talks with Curtis about the project, telling Jimmy Fallon: “We did speak about it, yeah.”

The Falling For Christmas actor added: “Let’s just take the fact that I was on set filming at the time, and Jamie Lee Curtis writes… and you just get excited and distracted immediately. So, I had to bring myself down to Earth and be like, ‘I’m on set, I have to focus.’ Then she said Freaky Friday 2, and I got more excited.”

Lindsay Lohan with Jimmy Fallon
Lindsay Lohan discusses ‘Freaky Friday’ sequel with Jimmy Fallon. CREDIT: YouTube

When Fallon asked if there were any firm plans for the pair to team up and continue the story of Tess (Curtis) and Anna (Lohan), she appeared to confirm that gears were moving. “We’d both be into it,” she responded.

And while Lohan seems to have given fans hope for another Freaky Friday, another of her fan-favourite films may not. When asked if she’d like to make a Mean Girls sequel, Lohan shot back: “I think that’s in [writer] Tina Fey’s hands.”

Mean Girls saw Lohan take on the role of Cady Hero, who joins a new public school and befriends social outcasts Janis and Damian. The duo warn Cady to avoid a group of girls known as the Plastics, led by Regina George, but things take a turn for the worse when she falls in love with Aaron, Regina’s ex-boyfriend.

Mean Girls did get a sequel in 2011, but it was a straight-to-TV film considered a flop by many. Its plot held no relation to the original, and fans failed to get behind it. Lohan recently made her movie comeback official with the first of three movies for Netflix, Falling For Christmas, hitting the streaming service yesterday (November 10).

Falling For Christmas is available to stream on Netflix from Thursday, November 10

Falling For Christmas is available to stream on Netflix from Thursday, November 10

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