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Lil Nas X seemingly overjoyed at Will Ferrell coming to his show

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Lil Nas X appeared to be thrilled that Hollywood actor Will Ferrell came to watch his concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday (October 19).

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The rapper and singer shared a photo of himself with the Anchorman comedy actor after the show, writing: “WILL FERRELL CAME TO MY FUCKIN CONCERT ! nobody can tell me shit.”

Following the post, Lil Nas made headlines after responding to a fan’s question (“Where is Will’s hand?”)

However, Lil Nas X did end up finding himself in some hot water after making a joke in the replies to his tweet. One follower asked, “Where is Will’s hand?” and the superstar responded that Ferrell “couldn’t resist getting a good hand full of this big fat ass”.

The singer later referenced a story written by Uproxx that was headlined on his “ass” comment. “This why i can’t joke around on twitter no more lmaoo,” he tweeted.

Earlier this month, the rapper took to Twitter to ask controversial internet personality Andrew Tate to “please stop mentioning me”.

Tate has previously called Lil Nas X “dangerous” and recently did an interview where he claimed he wasn’t “the worst influence out here. You have Lil Nas X twerking on the devil in music videos which our children are digesting, you have drill artists rapping about stabbing people to death in the middle of a knife crime epidemic.

“You have all these insanities in the world…but I’m not the devil. There are certainly worse people than me,” Tate continued before he spoke about “traditional masculinity” being one of his key beliefs and how he’s a “nice guy”.

Sharing the clip, Lil Nas X wrote: “Andrew Tate, please stop mentioning me! I am never gonna let you smash, loser!”

Elsewhwre, Lil Nas X has released new track ‘STAR WALKIN”, which is the the anthem for this year’s League Of Legends World Championship.

As part of his League Of Legends collaboration, Lil Nas will perform ‘STAR WALKIN” live at the Worlds 22 Finals, which takes place on November 5 at San Francisco’s Chase Center.

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