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Jamie Clayton is Pinhead in first look at 'Hellraiser' reboot

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Hulu has released first pictures from the upcoming reboot of Hellraiser, featuring Jamie Clayton as Pinhead.

Directed by David Bruckner (The Ritual, The Night House), the Hellraiser reboot is the eleventh installment in the franchise, which follows new character Riley (Odessa A’zion) who comes into contact with the ancient puzzle box that summons sadistic supernatural beings, called the Cenobites.

The leader of the Cenobites, Pinhead, is shown in the first pictures from the reboot – played by Clayton (Sense8), the first female version of the character following previous actors Doug Bradley, Stephan Smith Collins and Paul T. Taylor.

An image also shows a new Cenobite called ‘The Masque’ – check out the pictures below.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Bruckner clarified this is not a remake of the 1987 original, saying: “I just didn’t think you could ever remake the original Hellraiser. It’s too much its own thing and it would be, I think, perilous territory for filmmakers, because how do you top that? This is a new story in the Hellraiser universe.”

When it came to depicting a new Pinhead, Bruckner said he didn’t want to emulate Bradley’s version of the character. “What Doug Bradley did with the character is so iconic,” he added. “We didn’t want to do a Doug Bradley impression, we just didn’t think that’s possible to do.

“There will be suffering, but you’re going to get a sense of what Pinhead’s desires might be in a way that hits a little different.”

Hellraiser is based on Clive Barker’s 1986 novella The Hellbound Heart. Barker directed the original film adaptation, which spawned nine sequels, with the last being Hellraiser: Judgment in 2018.

Hellraiser is scheduled to be released on Hulu on October 7, 2022.

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