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Craig Roberts on meeting Alex Turner: "It was all very strange"

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Submarine star and now filmmaker Craig Roberts has recalled meeting Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner for the first time.

Turner scored the 2009 film, directed by Richard Ayoade, which maps the coming-of-age journey of a Welsh teenager.

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“I remember my friends going crazy that the Arctic Monkeys were doing the soundtrack and that’s when I started listening to all their music,” Roberts recently told NME while promoting his new film Eternal Beauty.

“Like everyone else, I thought they were incredible. I was actually listening to ‘AM’ yesterday. With that, and their last album [‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’], I don’t even know what genre of music they are anymore – it’s just ‘Arctic Monkeys’. They’re so unique.”

He continued, recalling the first time he met the frontman: “When I met Alex for the first time it instantly became this weird thing of people telling me that I looked like him. It was all very strange.”

On his relationship with his body of work, Roberts said, “I think it’s kind of pointless to watch your own films back, and potentially indulgent. My parents love watching my stuff and if I happen to walk in when they’re watching it, that’s fine. But I’m not Kanye West – I’m not going to project Submarine on my wall as people enter the house!”

When asked on his future as an actor and a director, Roberts remained confident. “I’ll definitely act again,” he said.

“I love acting – and when that End Of The F***ing World kid is done with the role I’ll happily jump in for him! But writing and directing is what I’m excited about now.”

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