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Baz Luhrmann says there's a four-hour cut of 'Elvis' but he's “too tired” to release it

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Elvis director Baz Luhrmann has said a four-hour cut of Elvis exists but that he’s too “tired” to release it.

The filmmaker revealed that a longer version of the film could exist but it wouldn’t be released “now, and probably not next year [either]. But I don’t close my mind to the idea that in the future, there might be a way of exploring another [cut].”

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“I tell you what, all my tweets are nothing but, ‘We want the four-hour version! We want the four-hour version!’” Luhrmann told ScreenRant in a recent interview. “I think people are at my gates with pitchforks saying, ‘We want the four-hour version!’”

The filmmaker continued: “But I don’t close my mind to the idea that there would be an extended cut. Right now, with how long it’s stayed in the theaters and how well it’s done, it’s crossed the line. But it’s done so well on HBO Max over the weekend, so it’s about the parent company going, ‘Wow, it’s really worth spending the money.’”

“It isn’t just like I’ve got it, and you just put it out there,” Luhrmann continued. “Every minute in post-production, you have to do visual effects, grading, cutting, refining, and ADR sound. It’s not like it’s just sitting there finished, and I can just push a button and it comes out. You’d have to get back in and work on it.

“I’m not closed to it, but not now,” he added. “I’m a little bit on the tired side.”

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Sofia Coppola will direct a biopic about Priscilla Presley for A24. Euphoria star Jacob Elordi has been cast as Elvis.

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