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Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry announces film score for 'The Nest'

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Arcade Fire‘s Richard Reed Parry has detailed his debut solo film score for the Jude Law-starring The Nest.

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The movie follows a family on their move to England from America in the 1980s, and was written, directed, and produced by Sean Durkin. It’s set to arrive on September 18, when Reed Parry will also release its score via Milan Records.

He explained: “When I watched the very first rough cut of The Nest without any music, I could feel right away what I wanted the score to be: Music that sounded like it was written and played somewhere within the massive old manor house that so much of the film centres around.

“I am very grateful to my fantastic musical collaborators, and for Sean Durkin’s trust in my own intuitive musical process and the artistic space and freedom he gave me to explore the musical landscape of his film.”

Durkin added: “Long before Richard was the composer for the film I was listening to his Music for Heart and Breath album while writing the script, so for him to come on to the project was very exciting for me.

“It’s been an incredible collaboration working with him. He’s created a stunning score that captures the atmosphere and emotion I wanted the film to encompass.”

You can see the tracklist to The Nest‘s soundtrack below.

01 Drone Beast
02 Symphony Brew
03 Base Motives
04 Murky Half
05 What We’ve Always Wanted
06 Base Motives II
07 New Descent
08 The House
09 Dark Tumbling
10 Drone Beast: UK
11 Symphony Brew Redux
12 Slow Descent
13 Drone Beast: In the Air

An official synopsis for the film reads: “Rory (Law), an ambitious entrepreneur and former commodities broker … persuades his American wife, Allison (Carrie Coon), and their children to leave the comforts of suburban America and return to his native England during the 1980s. Sensing opportunity, Rory rejoins his former firm and leases a centuries-old country manor, with grounds for Allison’s horses and plans to build a stable. Soon the promise of a lucrative new beginning starts to unravel, the couple have to face the unwelcome truths lying beneath the surface of their marriage.”

Meanwhile, Reed Parry’s Arcade Fire bandmates Will Butler and Jeremy Gara have recently embarked on separate solo projects: Butler has shared the singles ‘Close My Eyes’ and ‘Surrender’ from his forthcoming album ‘Generations’, with Gara releasing ‘L_06’ from his experimental ‘Passerine Finale’ record.

Speaking to NME recently, Butler revealed that Arcade Fire had also been in the studio working on their sixth LP prior to the coronavirus crisis taking hold. “It takes more logistics to get together,” he said. “It always took a certain amount of logistics, but right now it’s insurmountable.”

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