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Anti-vaxxer Laurence Fox says he has COVID-19

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Laurence Fox, who has stoked controversy for his anti-vaccine views, has revealed that he has COVID-19.

The actor confirmed the news on his Twitter account yesterday (January 30), sharing a picture of a positive lateral flow test, while also saying he has been taking the unauthorised drug Ivermectin.

“In other news, felt shivery and crap yesterday,” Fox wrote. “Turns out I have been visited by Lord Covid at last and have the Omnicold (if the LFT is to be believed!) On the #Ivermectin, saline nasal rinse, quercetin, paracetamol and ibruprofen. More man flu than Wu-flu at the moment.”

Ivermectin has not been proved as an effective treatment for COVID-19 and has been promoted by many vaccine-sceptic figures. It is an anti-parasitic drug used mostly in animals, though has been used to treat worms in humans.

Fox has been outspoken in his views during the pandemic, last year casting doubt on the UK’s death toll, and vowing not to get the COVID vaccine until 2023. He has also drawn ire for his views on race and gender.

He promoted his anti-vaccine views just days before the positive COVID test, posting a picture of himself in a T-shirt saying: “No vaccine needed, I have an immune system”.

Last year, Fox stood in the London Mayoral Elections under the right-wing Reclaim Party, though came sixth in the contest with 1.8 per cent of the vote share, and subsequently lost his £10,000 deposit.

In the build-up to the Euro 2020 a month after the election, Fox was one of the subjects of a parody of Baddiel, Skinner and The Lightning Seeds‘ ‘Three Lions’, alongside other right-wing figures Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson.

The song imagines what the three would have to say about footballers taking the knee against racism in sport.

Back in 2020, Foals frontman Yannis Philipakkis called Fox “a top drawer fucking idiot”, adding in a tweet: “How & why this man is allowed to talk on TV is beyond comprehension.”

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