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'Amy' director Asif Kapadia wants you to be involved with his new project

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Amy and Maradonna filmmaker Asif Kapadia has announced his new project.

The director, who specialises in documentary work, has revealed on Twitter that he has another project in the pipeline which will be “about the state of the world”.

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“Heads up: I’m working on a new project, been thinking about it a long time,” Kapadia began in a tweet, inviting people to get in touch. “It’s about the state of the world; politics, environment, corruption, tech, race & more.

“How we got here, why & where we’re going. I’ll need help, if you want to get involved, please reply, follow or DM.”

Last year, the filmmaker reflected on the idea of truth in his films, and claimed “all documentaries are fake”.

“There is more construction that goes into one of my documentaries than in a fiction film,” Kapadia told Submarine Channel. “There is the misconception that somehow documentaries are real. Everything is fake. Everything is constructed.

“You have to fake everything to make reality. The fact that there’s a camera present will irremediably change the situation.”

He added: “When I made documentaries, I wanted to make them feel like an action film or a drama. I’m always in between things, and I think art should be like that as well.”

Asif Kapadia also recently directed episodes three and four of David Fincher’s Netflix limited series Mindhunter, which are available to watch online now.

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