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BriGuel Think Outside The Genre On Newest EP TBD

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BriGuel have just dropped new music. The artist-couple known for pushing boundaries, both musically and lyrically, are back with a big surprise, the new EP TBD. Brianne Berkson and Miguel Glucktern seem to have had a new stream of inspiration coming their way while recording this wonderful collection of songs. TBD is undefinable and doesn’t fit any category as it englobes so many genres at once that it opens so many opportunities for BriGuel’s expression to reach a wider audience. From dream-pop to contemporary r&b, rap, progressive house, and pop, BriGuel shine with their substance, always intense and curated with a purpose to send clear, wise, and inspiring messages to their growing community of fans. For those who haven’t had the chance to get introduced to the NYC-based artists’ music, make sure to stream TBD below, as well as their previous one 2020 Vision, all available on most streaming services.  

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