Ticketfly Data Breach Exposes Data of 26 Million Customers

On May 31, Ticketfly shut its doors at the hands a self proclaimed “cyber incident.” The Eventbrite-owned ticket giant reopened a few days later on June 2, but by that time, a hacker had done some serious work on the website. On the 2nd, Ticketfly released a statement explaining “some customer information has been compromised as part the incident, including names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers.” The hacker managed to leak at minimum, 26,151,608 patrons information to the public realm.

Email addresses, phone numbers, and billing addresses were targeted in the cyber attack

A report from Engadget states that Troy Hunt, a web security expert and founder Have I Been Pwned – a website allowing consumers to check whether their email has been leaked – states that at least 26 million email addresses were found in the hacker-uploaded files. In addition to the email addresses, phone numbers and home billing addresses were included in the breach.

At this time, Ticketfly customers can rest easy knowing their credit card information and passwords aren’t believed to have been compromised. Yet, this may not remain the case, as the hacker has created ransom demands. It seems as if the hacker has more files to upload.

Ticketfly seems to be back fline for the time being.

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