Sydney local Cabu drops smooth new track via Majestic Casual

Local R&B crooner and probably ladies man Cabu has dropped a smooth, laid-back tune with Crazy. It’s a heartfelt tune about falling for someone, and backed with some beautiful guitar-driven instrumentation and his pleasant vocals over the top it.

But when this beat drops, it is a bopper. Heads will go up and down to the beat this, it just grooves so beautifully. The precussion on this track is so lush and thick, and beautifully detailed. The track grows and progresses in a natural way, not one iota feeling inorganic, it’s a perfect piece modern, soulful R&B. It really shows f the dude’s skills as a songwriter just as much as a vocalist, he can control you with just his own performance abilities. Whip on a fedora and cruise around to this jam. It’s niiiiice.

His upcoming ‘Twenty Three’ EP is coming up super soon, and will showcase the multiple facets to him as an artist. He’s gonna be big for our R&B scene, so let’s get on the hype.

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