Stream NitoBaby’s 9-Track Mixtape F#ck Allat Talkin’ Leh Do It

Lexington, VA based rapper NitoBaby recently released a 9-track mixtape titled F#ck Allat Talkin’ Leh Do It. The emerging emcee has produced a truly incredible tracklist, proving his immense versatility by delivering as many different sub-genres as the mixtape counts tracks. The instrumentals are meticulously chosen, bringing a unique identity to each song. His rapping skills are undeniably great, and he makes sure to always offer the right balance between energetic and calming tempos in his beats. An absolute discovery, F#ck Allat Talkin’ Leh Do It is the kind of mixtape that will be widely searched for in a couple of years when NitoBaby will be a Hip-Hop star.

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