Rezz Officially Announces Her New Album and Release Date

Following Rezz’s debut album Mass Manipulation, fans can’t get enough Rezz and her experimental bass heavy music.

Just three weeks ago, Rezz revealed that her second album was done, but today Rezz announced that her new album titled ‘Certain Kind Magic’ will ficially be released on August 3rd.

Rezz went onto say that her first single will be released Friday, and two more songs from her album will be released in June. Will we see the ficial Rezz and Deadmau5 song on this album? Only time will tell.

Rezz Album Tracklist

Witching Hour
H E X w/ 1788-L
Flying Octopus
Life & Death w/ Deathpact
Spider on the Moon
Teleportal w/ Kotek
The Crazy Ones w/ 13
Toxin w/ Fytch

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