Pushing Weight: A 600 Pound Cincinnati Man Arrested Over THIS

These days, everyone has some sort hustle. And depending on your circumstances and environment, some hustles tend to be more unlawful than others. One Cincinnati man was recently busted after turning his bed into a drug command center.

Pushing Weight: A 600 Pound Cincinnati Man Arrested Over THIS

The 600 lb man, who doesn’t move well and has a breathing tube, plead guilty (in the ambulance) to trafficking in cocaine, weapons under disability and other drug charges.


Local 12 News reports:

Sgt. Ryan Hudson with the Cincinnati Police Department said, “We received a Crimestoppers tip and some information from the community that an individual up on Rosewood in Hartwell — the activity was consistent with drug trafficking.” Cincinnati Police got information that Smith was running a drug ring. When ficers raided the house in April 2018, they found surveillance cameras, drugs and guns that Smith isn’t legally allowed to own. They read him his rights but could not physically arrest him.

Sgt. Hudson told reporters, “It was obvious that there were people running for him because he’s so large, as I mentioned 600 to 700 pounds, he wasn’t able to move around freely,” said Hudson. “It made it kind tough on us to maneuver or almost get him out the house that particular day. In fact, it was impossible.”

Smith has been sentenced to 2-years behind bars. 

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