New Jersey Native Singer Em Shares Thrilling New Song “Blue Light”

New Jersey native singer and songwriter Em just dropped a thrilling new song called “Blue Light.” The emotional release is so far the most polished track she has produced as it takes her artistry tone to the next level. On her previous release, “Say What Do You Mean,” Em has introduced herself as an indie-pop artist who boldly and honestly shares her personal experiences. On “Blue Light,” yet again she delivers a magnificent vocal performance and mesmerizing lyrics. 

“Blue Light” is proof that Em is going through changes – both as a musician and as a person. As she captures the mystical vibe on her track, she also incorporates summerish tunes that can be the next beachside anthem. Em goes even further and channels the ecstasy, the passion, and the camaraderie of the dance floor. The unique fusion of genres and moods only establishes her stable position as one of the indie artists to look at closely in the upcoming months. 

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