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'The Old Guard' ending explained: why the Netflix thriller is open-ended

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Director Gina Price-Bythewood has explained the ending of her new Netflix film The Old Guard.

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The action-thriller, which dropped on the streaming platform last Friday (July 10), follows a group of immortal mercenaries, hunted by an evil scientist.

The film ends with a previous member of The Old Guard returning from what was thought to be her death.

“It was part of the graphic novel, and I always loved it because I felt there would have been a hole, if it didn’t end the way it did,” Price-Bythewood explained to Collider.

“There’s always a fear because you don’t want to annoy an audience. I know how I feel when things are left open, but for me, we told the story.

“It does have a beginning, middle, and end. And then, there is a hint and a possibility of more, but that’s absolutely up to the audience.”

On whether there could be more films, Price-Bythewood left things open – but pointed to the fact that the comic book writer had wanted the story to continue.

“Greg [Rucka] has always envisioned this as a trilogy,” Price-Bythewood said. “I know where the story is going and it’s pretty dope. So, if the audience wants more, there’s certainly more story to tell.”

In a four-star review of The Old Guard, NME said: The Old Guard checks off a series of familiar plot beats, but director Gina Prince-Bythewood makes the most of a modest budget – and brings sophistication to a run-of-the-mill action thriller by treating it like an in-depth character study.”

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