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Spike Lee says he won't rule out directing a Marvel movie

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Spike Lee has said he’s not opposed to directing a Marvel movie, given the right opportunity.

The Da 5 Bloods filmmaker recently opened up about a potential future in which he would direct a superhero film, saying “I will give it consideration.”

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In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, when asked about whether he would dismiss Marvel Cinematic Universe opportunities, Lee said: “I have nothing against Marvel. I grew up reading Spider-Man comic books.”

He added, however, that “to me, DC Comics was always corny. I’m just saying. I was all about Marvel.”

Lee then explained that while there were no plans in the immediate future, he would consider it. “If the right opportunity comes across, I’m not campaigning for it, but I will give it consideration,” he said.

Commenting on Donald Trump’s departure from the White House last month, Spike Lee had said: “[His presidency] was a goddamn shame and history is not going to be very kind to Agent Orange.”

He added: “No matter how bad we talk about Agent Orange, it’s even a more condemning comment on Americans as a country that 70 million people voted for this guy.

“That’s a comment on an America that is OK with the president saying all Mexicans are rapists, murderers and drug dealers. That’s 70 million people who believe it’s OK if you separate mothers from their newly born sons and daughters, many still breastfeeding.”

Spike Lee most recently directed Da 5 Bloods, which NME gave five stars. The review said: “History will probably never stop repeating itself, but Spike Lee will hopefully never stop reminding us about it.”

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