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Miley Cyrus reflects on the day she decided to divorce Liam Hemsworth

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Miley Cyrus has reflected on the day she decided to divorce Liam Hemsworth.

The pair announced their split in August 2019, less than a year into their marriage. They had been together for 10 years and got engaged in 2012.

During a recent instalment of her ‘Used To Be Young’ video series on TikTok, Cyrus said: “I just want to slow down because this is actually serious.” She went on to recall her performance at Glastonbury 2019, which was when she decided to break up with Hemsworth.


“The day of the show is the day that I had decided that it was no longer going to work in my life to be in that relationship,” Cyrus remembered.

The singer explained that while her and Hemsworth’s initial commitment to being married “came from, of course, a place of love”, it also came from a place of “trauma” and the need “to rebuild as quickly as [they] could” after losing their Malibu home the Woolsey fire in 2018.

Looking back on her set on Glasto’s Pyramid Stage, Cyrus said: “That was another moment when the work, the performance, the character came first. And I guess that’s why it’s now so important to me for that to not be the case.”

Since then, Cyrus has started to prioritise her needs as a person over her career. “The human comes first,” she concluded.


Used To Be Young (Series) – PART 37

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Cyrus met Hemsworth on the set of the 2010 film The Last Song. In a previous instalment of her ‘Used To Be Young’ series, she said: “I think one of the elements that made that movie feel so special was it was watching two very young people fall in love with each other, which was happening in real-time and in real life.

“So the chemistry was undeniable and that was the beginning of a long 10-year relationship.”

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