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Kim Se-jeong reveals she initially turned down ‘Produce 101’

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South Korean singer Kim Se-jeong has revealed that she initially turned down an offer to appear on Produce 101.

Kim Se-jeong, a former member of K-pop girl groups I.O.I and Gugudan, opened up about her time on the popular Mnet TV competition Produce 101 during a recent appearance on the South Korean radio programme, Cultwo Show.

The singer revealed that she had originally “turn it down” because, at the time, she was already set to make her debut under the Jellyfish Entertainment girl group, Gugudan. “So, I thought to myself, ‘Is joining the show really that necessary?’,” she said, per SBS Star.


Though her appearance on Produce 101, Kim Se-jeong eventually joined the girl group I.O.I, made up of the final 11 contestants from the show.

Speaking of her experience on the programme, the singer said that “there were so many cameras around everywhere, it was hard not to be conscious of them”.

“I couldn’t practice even when I wanted to, because I was scared that people might judge me through those lenses, saying things like, ‘Oh, she’s just practicing hard only because she knows she is being filmed’,” she added.

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