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John Boyega applauded for shutting down racist trolls on Twitter

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John Boyega has been praised by fans for responding to racist attacks on his Twitter account.

Last week, the Star Wars actor spoke out against the death of George Floyd in the US with anti-racist tweets on the matter, tweeting “I really fucking hate racists” on May 27.

George Floyd died from asphyxiation on last Monday (May 25) in Minneapolis, after a white police officer kneeled on his neck following an arrest, for almost nine minutes.

One Twitter user responded to Boyega’s comments on Monday (June 1), criticising the fact that the actor is British, accusing him of “jumping on the bandwagon” when speaking of the violence inflicted in the US.

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“You are not even American,” they said. “As disgusting, sad and bad as it was with #GeorgeFloyd you just using excuse to spout hate against White people.”

In response, Boyega explained his position on the matter: “Yet I have family and friends there who could be any one of the victims of things don’t change. Yet I work there 6 months of the year and I don’t want to work in fear.

“You don’t know a thing about me. So keep your dutty mouth shut.” Fans responded warmly to Boyega’s comments, praising the actor for his commitment.

John Boyega had elaborated on his initial comments in an Instagram Live video, in which he said: “Although I don’t live in the States, I’m black … So I’ll say it again: fuck you racist white people. I said what I said. And if you don’t fucking like it, go suck a dick.”

The actor continued, highlighting he would block users responding with offensive comments. “You lot can’t rattle me. I’m not the guy to be rattled. I wasn’t raised by no weak people.”

Earlier this year, Boyega announced an upcoming string of non-English language projects based on African stories for Netflix.

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