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‘Get Gotti’: Fans love “fantastic” new Netflix documentary about mafia boss

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Fans on social media have praised the “fantastic” new Netflix documentary Get Getti about infamous New York mafia boss John Gotti.

The three-part documentary is streaming now on the platform, and “chronicles Gotti’s meteoric rise and crashing fall” from “the very mouths of those who brought him down”, per an official description.

A more detailed synopsis adds: “It’s 1985 and John Gotti is the most powerful man in New York; he’s also the most surveilled. His public execution of ‘Boss of Bosses’ Paul Castellano sets in motion a series of events that catapults the young mobster to the helm of America’s most powerful mafia family.


“As the tentacles of Gotti’s criminal enterprise extend deep into the heart of the city, law enforcement and state prosecutors scramble for their chance to bring the charismatic Godfather to his knees.”

On social media, fans have been reacting to the series. One viewer described it as “fantastic” on X, formerly Twitter, while another said it was “too much fun”.

Another fan posted on X and said Get Getti was “one of the best mafia documentaries” they’d “ever seen”.

Check out some more of the reactions below:


Back in 2018, a film about John Gotti starring John Travolta scored a zero per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics slammed the film’s plot. A reviewer from Common Sense Media wrote that Travolta was “stuck in an incomprehensible mess of a movie that was shot like an uncomprehending knock-off of a Martin Scorsese gangster epic”.

The film took seven years to reach cinemas and during that time gained and lost the directors of The Notebook and Captain America: The First Avenger plus dozens of producers.

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