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Björk says she’ll “start writing her next album” in 2024, confirms ‘Cornucopia’ film

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Björk has shared that she will start writing her next album in 2024, along with confirming a ‘Cornucopia’ film.

The Icelandic artist was reflecting on the process of her ‘Cornucopia’ concert and theatrical production – which has toured across the world from 2019-2023 – in a recent interview, when she revealed that new music is on the horizon for next year.

“Well, Cornucopia was a strange project because we did it for a year, and then Covid came for two years,” she told Rolling Stone. “And then we started it again. We’re finishing it now around Christmas. It’s unusual in the sense that it’s been a four-year run with a big gap in the middle.”


She continued: “We did New York in May 2019, and then we did California in January 2022. The thing is, it’s so difficult to travel. It’s the most ambitious project I’ve travelled with. We have, like, 24 rotating curtains.

“So I think this is sort of the end of this show. And then, next year, I will start writing my next album. And next year there will be a film in the cinema.”

NME watched ‘Cornucopia’ in London back in 2019, describing it in a four-star review as “an audacious, expectation-disrupting spectacular from an artist unbothered with people-pleasing”.

Björk attends The AIM Awards 2023 at The Roundhouse on September 26, 2023 in London, England (CREDIT: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images for ABA)

Elsewhere in the same interview, Björk revealed the backstory of her new single ‘Oral’ with Rosalía. The singer announced she was teaming up with the Spanish superstar in October in order to fight fish farming in Iceland.

“I recorded it between [1997’s] ‘Homogenic’ and [2001’s] ‘Vespertine’,” she said. “It was just so different; it was so poppy. It didn’t fit either album somehow. But I never forgot about it. It was always kind of rolling around in my brain.


Björk’s latest album was 2022’s ‘Fossora‘, which NME said in a four-star review was “heavier” but also “more hopeful than anything before”.

In a cover interview with NME, Björk explained how the grief of losing her mother influenced the record. “For everybody, to lose a parent and deal with it is a cornerstone of your life,” she said.

Back in September, Björk shared the fantastical animated music video for her new single ‘Victimhood’.

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