Dave Chappelle is back and he sounds bolder than ever.

Ever since it was reported that Chappelle inked a deal with Netflix to deliver three comedy specials, we’ve been waiting on the edges our seats. Now it looks like we can finally sit back, or fall f the chair altogether.

The first trailer for Chappelle‘s Netflix special just hit the web it sounds like it’s going to be some his best work yet.

No music. Just Dave’s voice talking about Martin Luther King, Jr. getting a sneaker deal and meeting O.J. Simpson. But, what really makes the clip is how Chappelle is never seen speaking or looking into the camera. The black & white aesthetic also makes you wonder just how “funny” this may be. It appears that Dave may be going for a darker tone with his special.

It’s set to debut on Tuesday, March 21. Start planning your watch parties.

Photo: Screenshot

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