Court Battle Ends With Hollow Victory For Woodstock 50

The weird saga of the Woodstock 50 court battle is over, for now. The case deciding the future of the event concluded yesterday with justice Barry Ostrager ruling in favor of Woodstock. In other words, Dentsu, the main financier of the festival had no right to cancel the festival unilaterally. This means the festival can go on, obviously without Dentsu’s participation. However, that may be too big a hurdle to overcome.

In a statement to Billboard, Woodstock lawyer Michael Kasowitz had this to say about the ruling in the court battle:

“Today’s order is an important victory that means the show will go on for the fans, the talent, and the world, which was and remains Woodstock 50’s mission.”

That’s a pretty optimistic statement coming from the camp that just lost $20 million in a court battle. With a fast-approaching event date, it’s unclear if organizers would be able to pull this off. Besides the fact the festival is now essentially broke, there are loads of other obstacles in place too. Justice Ostrager’s ruling details many of them.

“…multiple permits necessary to conduct the Festival were not in place, tickets had not yet been sold, no budget had been agreed upon, necessary and expensive structural improvements to the Festival site and related areas had not yet started, and the production company essential to produce the Festival had withdrawn.”

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