Civil TV: PnB Rock – Welcome To My Neighborhood

We’re back in action today with a brand new episode of “Welcome To My Neighborhood” as part of Karen Civil’s #CivilTV channel. This time around, the crew went to the city of Philadelphia to catch up with a promising new star named PnB Rock.

Despite being nicknamed the “city of brotherly love,” Rock makes it clear the streets of Philly aren’t always like that. “It’s really the crab in a barrel thing in Philly. Mother f***ers don’t want you to win in Philly. Everybody’s out here for themselves.”

For Rock, however, that mentality is dangerous, and dating back to 2014, the buzzing artist began to speak out on it.

“In 2014 we came with the “My City Needs Something” joint. That was a really hard time right there, man.” He continues, “I was out of town at the time for like a month, and every day I’d be waking up and seeing [people] that I know, or know of, getting shot, getting killed.” From there him and his team felt the need to make a powerful track, and that’s exactly what they did, catapulting Rock to stardom.

For the rest of our interview, Rock took us to the studio to break down the origin and the process of his popular RNB mixtape series, we journeyed to The Takeover Lounge where Rock performed his first show ever, we explored his childhood home to understand the struggles he faced growing up in Philly, how it shaped him into the man he is today and why the need to succeed is evident.

PnB Rock has a bright 2016 ahead of him and it’s safe to say everything about Philly has allowed him to prosper.

Enjoy our new “Welcome To My Neighborhood” below!

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