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Worlds Apart shares deeply personal track “Take Me Away” ft. Scarlett

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Rising trio Worlds Apart unveils their latest single titled, “Take Me Away” featuring vocalist Scarlett. Known for their creativity and hands on approach, each member of the group is involved in a specific aspect of the overall creation of their tracks. From mixing and mastering, DJing, writing lyrics, to creating the videography and visual art to go along to the song. 

“Take me away, from all of the danger so we can be free, of violence and hatred. Take me away, from all of the anger back to a time, when we were all angels.” – Worlds Apart 

With “Take Me Away”, Worlds Apart takes their listeners on an emotive journey by building a beautiful soundscape with lush melodic beats, electric guitar, piano work and the feminine vocal work of Scarlett. “Take Me Away” is accompanied by a energetic build creating a refreshing escape. For the members of Worlds Apart, “Take Me Away” is a very meaningful tune and is inspired by the tensions in Ukraine and passing of one of members’ mother. The song is deep, emotional and made for anyone going through a hard time or facing loss.


About Worlds Apart:

Worlds Apart is an artist trio that combines the collective minds of three individuals into a single creative vision. Through the fusion of electronic music production, lyric writing, videography, vocal performance, and visual arts, Worlds Apart is on a mission to spread a message of love, hope, and excitement to as many people as they can.

Lorenzo and Jason are the group’s producers and composers. Lorenzo is the primary DJ, and Jason focuses more on the production, mixing, and mastering side of the house. Ashley’s passion is with the visual arts, where she brings her visions to life through the creation of electronic, video, and photographic art.

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