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U-KISS announce reunion, new music ahead of 15th anniversary

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K-pop boyband U-KISS have announced an upcoming reunion and new music.

Today (May 15), South Korean music label Tango Music announced that second-generation K-pop boyband U-KISS would be making a comeback later this year, with former members of the group set to re-join the act. The as-yet-unnamed mini-album, due out in June, as part of U-KISS’ 15th anniversary project.

“To mark the boyband’s 15th anniversary, U-KISS have confirmed a six-member comeback with Soohyun, Hoon and Kiseop at the forefront,” said Tango Music, per Korea JoongAng Daily. The three members named the only U-KISS members currently part of the group.


The agency has yet to announce which former U-KISS members would re-join the trio for the upcoming release. Past members include Alexander Lee, Allen Kim (known as Kibum in U-KISS), Dongho, Siyoon (known as AJ in U-KISS), Kevin, Eli and Lee Jun-young.

In addition to the reunion release, the group’s anniversary project will include solo releases from members Hoon and Soohyun later this month, followed by a concert in Japan in July. At the time of publishing, it is unclear if any of the former members will also be participating in the upcoming concerts.

U-KISS first debuted in August 2008 with the mini-album ‘New Generation’, and are best known for their 2009 single ‘Am I That Easy?’. Their last group release had been their 2018 Japanese studio album ‘LINK’, though several of the members had remained active in the music industry through solo and duo releases.

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