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Strange Scaffold announces stylish action-strategy game ‘Teenage Demon Slayer Society’

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Strange Scaffold, the creator of Sunshine Shuffle and El Paso, Elsewhere, has confirmed details of their next title – Teenage Demon Slayer Society.

Set to launch for PC in 2024, Teenage Demon Slayer Society is described as a “stylish action/strategy” game which tasks players with saving the world via “flashy turn-based battles inspired by games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta”.

“Thanks to shady deals conducted by the US Government in the 1980s, today, demons are flooding the small Midwestern city of Fall Rapids. Humanity seems doomed. Thank goodness some meddling teens are ready to lend a hand,” reads an announcement from Strange Scaffold.


Teenage Demon Slayer Society (AKA TDSS) gets right to the heart of what makes strategy games fun without getting mired in obscure stats, overly complicated interactions, or other esoteric nonsense.”

Each playable teen brings their own unique and customisable moveset to battle, “ensuring a different experience every session” while players can level-up, discover the secrets of Shadow Jersey, and find their family in this “accessible, irresistible ‘character action tactics’ game.” Check out the launch trailer below:

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“It’s 2023, and I’m tired,” says creative director Xalavier Nelson Jr.. “Every time I try and play a new strategy game, there’s a good hour or more of tutorials I have to go through first. I’m excited to make a tactics game that finally welcomes you to just smash some stuff as soon as you open it. Then you get to save the world! All to pumping lo-fi beats, of course.”

Later this month, Strange Scaffold is set to release Sunshine Shuffle for PC and Nintendo Switch on May 24. Described as a “narrative poker adventure”, Sunshine Shuffle is set on board a ship called the S.S. Sunshine, where a group of “adorable animal friends” have reconvened to play Texas Hold ‘Em and reveal how they robbed the First Eastern Bank over a decade ago.

Sunshine Shuffle will also feature a ska-driven soundtrack, which has been created by Ska Tune Network‘s JER for the game.


Earlier in the year, Strange Scaffold founder Xalavier Nelson Jr sat down with NME to discuss his approach to creating games, the future of the games industry, and the meaning behind Strange Scaffold’s name.

In other news, Steam has added a new feature which allows players to play a timed demo of certain titles.

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