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Steve Coogan says he and Rob Brydon “should” make another season of ‘The Trip’

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Steve Coogan has said that he and Rob Brydon should make another series of The Trip.

Appearing on his co-star’s Brydon & podcoast, the Alan Partridge star revealed that he was meeting with their director Michael Winterbottom on the day of recording, giving the biggest indication yet that they will make a fifth series of their mockumentary.

“I think certainly there will be more stuff to say, because middle age is different to just getting old,” said Coogan. “I think we should do another one, at a time and place to be determined.”


Brydon added: “I always say to people, if Steve is still alive in 10 years, I would [do another series]. And they laugh.”

Coogan previously suggested that they should travel to the land of their forefathers, Wales and Ireland, for a new series.

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The Trip, which sees the pair play fictional/exaggerated versions of themselves and indulge in their love for celebrity impersonations, ran for two series on BBC Two between 2010 and 2014. Two more followed on Sky Atlantic and Sky One, with the most recent being 2020’s The Trip To Greece.

Speaking about the previous season of the series, Coogan said: “The last one, I thought, ‘well, we know how to do this now’. Although we were repeating ourselves, I did enjoy it.”

Agreeing, Brydon replied: “I felt at the end of the last one, we’re just doing the same thing over and over, but from where I was standing, it was as favourably received as the others.”


Elsewhere during their chat on the podcast, Coogan confirmed that that there will be a fourth series of From The Oasthouse: An Alan Partridge Podcast in 2024, after the third series launches this autumn. “I feel like they are Partridge at his best” he said.

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