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Sebastian Mikael's 'Fluid' Playlist

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With everyone sequestered and self-quarantining due to the coronavirus, we’ve asked our favorite artists to come up with playlists that keep you entertained. Here’s Sebastian Mikael:

This is some music that gets me through this ball of confusion currently known as quarantine. Hope this inspires you also. Looking forward to better days! Peace.

Solange – “Exit Scott (Interlude)”
This magical interlude is from the “When I Get Home” album which is my personal fave from Solange, it’s just really ahead of its time and sonically pleasing.

Knxwledge – “don’t be afraid”
Knxwledge is a national treasure we must protect at all costs. This track is a whole vibe.

Madlib – “Pyramids”
You gotta have the GOAT on your playlist, I just love this joint too vibey.

Kaytranada – “Puff Lah”
Best joint of his album (“BUBBA”). You can’t help but move to this!

Free Nationals – “On Sight”
Still vibrating on the same frequency, perfect mesh between modern and old school in an analog world.

Arthur Verocai – “Que Mapa?”
Couldn’t decide which song from this guy I wanted to use cus he has so many masterpieces. This is Brazilian Jazz/Samba music from the ’70s. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Thundercat – “Fair Chance”
I immediately get in my feelings listening to this, it’s sad and beautiful all at the same time. Ty $ killed this and Lil B def caught me off guard. FIRE!

FKJ – “Risk” ft Bas
My fave performance from Bas w/ one of my fave humans FKJ. This hook will draw you in.

Froyo Ma – “Spent Missing” ft Charlotte Day Wilson
Froyo Ma only put one EP out in 2015 that still slaps! This is one of my fave joints from it; Charlotte Day Wilson vocals are just dreamy.

Sebastian Mikael – “Rain” ft $ean Wire
I don’t like this guy, but I love this song and it fits the current situation we’re all in. It’s the quarantine anthem right now.

Knxwledge – “learn”
From his latest album 1988, the tunes will wake you up like u just took a bump of some fish scale.

Quelle Chris – “Popeye”
I always start freestyling to this beat. It’s a beautiful piece of rap music.

Budgie – “Touch Me 2”
Big vibes! I play this song before every show, just take me to a cookout right now.

MF Doom – “Doomsday”
One of my fave rappers and anchors. MF needs his own news channel! This is another national treasure whom we need to protect at all costs.

Westside Gunn – “327” ft Joey Bada$$ & Tyler, The Creator
This is a sound I’ve been waiting for someone to bring back, and to see it on this level makes me so happy inside! This is one of the illest tracks from “Pray for Paris” which feels like a Scorsese movie. WSG is a living legend.

Faith Evans – “No Other Love”
I see Puff dancing every time I hear this beat. Faith Evans’ voice heals and ’90s R&B wouldn’t have been the same if it wasn’t for Faith. Her soulful gospel sound w/ the heavy boom bop beats sums it up for me. I just wanna ride down the FDR topless w/ he top off on a summer night.

Yussef Dayes – “For My Ladies”
I’ve played this about 1 million times – it never gets old. If you don’t make a stank face when the beat drops, you’re a horrible human being.

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