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Rock Band Blakk Mantra Share Their Astonishing Team Work On New EP Titled Welcome To El Rey Blvd

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Blakk Mantra – a  Denver, Colorado-based rock band release their brand new EP titled Welcome To El Rey Blvd which is a compact collection of two singles “Perhaps We’ll Live” and “Queen of Infinite Space” that strongly remind us of a straightforward rock sound that is most aligned with a 90’s aesthetic. The noisy production found on both tracks benefits their style and the vocals sound good with the more emotive palette of sounds surrounding them.
Welcome To El Rey Blvd is the second EP released during this year following their previous release Where There’s Smoke There’s Dope and we are able to notice some kind of skill growth in between these two releases, which makes it obvious that they haven’t even yet reached the pinnacle of their musical prowess.

Like their previous one, this EP needs to be taken on a number of spins before it can be fully appreciated and go straight to your everyday playlist!

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