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Ricky Gervais endures “worst eight hours” of his life due to illness

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Ricky Gervais has explained how he experienced the “worst eight hours” of his life, following a brief illness.

The comedian and actor recalled the severe illness he faced earlier this week, and described to fans how it was something that left him vomiting every time he moved.

“I’m not well today,” he wrote on Twitter yesterday morning (May 11), giving his 15.1million followers an update on his current health. “In fact I’d say I just lived through the worst 8 hours of illness of my life.”


While those two sentences alone would warrant a degree of sympathy from some fans, the After Life star decided not to stop there, and instead use the social media platform to carefully recall each detail of his illness in a way that was sure to make a few of them feel queasy themselves.

“Severe abdominal pains, vomiting every time I moved, (but only tiny bits of bile), hot sweats and chills,” he added to the update — topping it all off by writing: “Oh, and I really want to know who planted the 12 gravy bombs up my arse.”

At the time of writing, the tweet has gathered just shy of five million views, and has sparked a number of responses from followers, many of which sending their well wishes for the comedian. A couple of concerned fans also suggested that the illness may be norovirus — a stomach bug that can cause sickness, nausea, high temperatures, aching limbs, diarrhoea and headaches. To these comments, Gervais responded, agreeing that that may have been what he was suffering from.

A few hours later, he took to Twitter once more to share that he was feeling better and thanking fans for their messages of support. “Update: I’m out of bed and I’ve had a bath,” he wrote. “Feel weak and annoyed that I wasted a whole day, but that is a huge improvement on believing that I was definitely going to die. Thanks for all your well wishes.”


In other Gervais news, last month the actor took to social media once more to mock the decision by Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who decided to remove blue checkmarks from across the platform.

In the decision, the profile checkmarks were removed from all legacy accounts on the platform, meaning the only accounts that had the symbol of verification were those who paid for a Twitter Blue subscription.

“My blue tick has gone,” he joked. “I’m not sure if I’m really me or not.”

Elsewhere, back in March, Gervais announced additional dates for his Armageddon tour, which will make stops in the UK, Europe, Canada and the US. It includes a four-night residence at the London Palladium this September.

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