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Rick Astley opens up on hearing loss, records ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ with wrong lyrics for awareness campaign

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Rick Astley has revealed that he suffers from hearing loss and has recorded a new version of his song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ with incorrect lyrics to raise awareness of the condition.

Astley has partnered up with Specsavers to highlight the impact of hearing loss and the importance of getting tested and treated. In a video released on his social media channels, the singer discussed taking a hearing test and discovering that he has lost some of his hearing.

“There are certain things I just can’t hear anymore,” Astley reveals, adding that mishearing words is one of the first symptoms of hearing loss. “So, we’ve had a bit of fun with my lyrics just to raise awareness of it.”


As part of the campaign, Astley recorded a new version of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ with wrong lyrics that sound similar to the original. For example, he sings “Then I’m gonna give you up” instead of “Never gonna give you up” and “Then I’m gonna run around with dessert spoons” instead of “Never gonna run around and desert you”.

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In a statement on the Specsavers website, Astley also revealed that he now uses hearing aids. “It’s probably a result of playing the drums as a kid and working in the music industry, so [Specsavers has] given me my first hearing aids,” Astley explained.

“It’s important to remember that everyone’s hearing is different. Some people lose high notes, others lose low frequency sounds,” he continued, adding, “I’d encourage anyone to get their hearing tested if they notice any changes, so they don’t lose the sounds or music they love.”

Astley recently revealed that Ozzy Osbourne had once offered to put a band together for him at the height of his popularity. However, Osbourne’s wife Sharon quickly put a halt to the conversation. “Sharon just leaned over and said, ‘Will you shut up, he doesn’t want to play with your long-haired, tattooed fucking monsters’,” Astley said.

Nonetheless, Astley shared that he was touched by the gesture, calling Osbourne “a lovely man for doing it.”

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