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‘Rick And Morty’ season 7 opening credits spark rumours over Justin Roiland re-casting

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The opening credits for season seven of Rick And Morty have been released, hinting at a recasting of Justin Roiland.

Adult Swim “ended its association” with Roiland – who voiced Rick And Morty’s two lead characters among others – in January 2023 after allegations of domestic violence came to light. In March, he was cleared of the charges.

This month, it was then alleged that Roiland used his fame to pursue young fans, according to text messages shared with NBC News. His lawyer has denied the “false and defamatory” allegations.


The opening credits of the show’s new season see Rick and Morty running in danger from an unidentified foe and skiing down a mountain.

However, it doesn’t feature any dialogue, sparking fans to discuss when Roiland’s replacement voice actors will be announced.

It had already been revealed that many characters, including Rick Sanchez, would be replaced by soundalikes, though nothing has yet been revealed about the new voice of Morty.

See the opening credits below.

[embedded content]

The alleged text messages from 11 women and non-binary people between 2013 to 2022 suggested that Roiland engaged with young fans on dating apps and social media, calling them “hot”, asking their age, and in some cases asking to meet them.


Nine of the 11 women and non-binary individuals claimed that Roiland turned the exchanges sexual, with one 20-year-old woman alleging that he took her on a Tinder date before sexually assaulting her. In another instance, a 20-year-old woman accused Roiland of taking advantage of her while she was intoxicated.

Three of the 11 women interviewed by NBC, whose names were kept anonymous, said they were younger than 16 when they texted with Roiland, who is now 43.

Roiland’s attorney Andrew Brettler told NBC that the allegations were “false and defamatory”. NME has reached out for comment.

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