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Michael Franti's 'Wake-Up – It's The Crack of 11:30 am' Playlist

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With everyone sequestered and self-quarantining due to the coronavirus, we’ve asked our favorite artists to come up with playlists that keep you entertained. Here’s Michael Franti:

What’s up y’all, it’s Michael Franti here. I’m in lockdown with my family in Bali. I hope that you guys are all safe and sound wherever you are and thank you for doing your part to kick Corona’s ass. The Wake-Up – It’s The Crack of 11:30 am Playlist is for the morning after late nights. Perhaps you’ve been up partying, being creative or just up wondering what the hell is going on with the world out there. So, here is some music that I love that helps me get through the day after.

“The Apple Stretching” – Grace Jones
This Sly and Robbie groove features Grace Jones reciting a spoken word poem about how New York wakes up in the morning.

“Lovely Day” – Bill Withers
How could you not feel good after hearing this song!

“Afrikan Star” – Sauti Sol (feat. Burna Boy)
This is my favorite Kenyan groove with my favorite Nigerian artist as a guest star. I just love the way the acoustic guitar makes me feel.

“3 Nights” – Dominic Fike
This funky reggae-tinged song will put bounce into your morning as you try to shake off the cobwebs from last night.

“Good Morning” – Max Frost
If you haven’t fully woken up by the time this song hits, you may as well go back to sleep because this will bring the holy ghost into your bedroom.

“Technicolor” – Sunni (Colón)
Such a unique sounding record. If you don’t know this artist, it’s worth digging deep into his albums.

“Follow the Sun” – Xavier Rudd
It’s such a blessing when someone that you know and love makes music that you know other people will love.

“So Long” – Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley (feat. Cam)
A king of collaboration links up with some rootsy authentic Americana flavor.

“Bellyache” – Billie Eilish
I love songs with acoustic guitar that make you dance.

“Protection” – Massive Attack
This is one I threw in just in case you wanna stay in bed all day.

“Kids” – Rich Brian
Indonesian hip-hop at its best.

“Parking Lot View” – Almost Monday
This poppy song has such a great lyrical flow that it’s hard not to sing-a-long.

“Boredom” – Tyler, The Creator (featuring Rex Orange County and Anna of the North)
This is a track for everyone who is stuck at home on quarantine.

“Oxygen” – Bombargo
This is one of my favorite new bands, they are good friends of mine from the musical mecca that is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

“Always on My Mind” – Tiki Taane
A classic from the minute this Maori legend recorded it.

“Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” – David Lee Murphy & Kenny Chesney
If you are worried about the state of the world and when the quarantine is gonna end this song will help you get through it and remind you to look on the bright side.

“If We Never Met (remix)” – John K & Sigala
Just good funky vibes.

“You Can’t Rush Your Healing” – Trevor Hall
This is my favorite song by my dear brother Trevor.

“The Last Ray – This Mortal Coil”
This Mortal Coil is one of my favorite all-time groups. Their ambient sounding records help me see the beauty in melancholy moments.

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