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Jonni Apollo Is A Fresh New Comer To The Hip-Hop Genre With His Latest Drop “3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles)”

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LA-based Latin-American rapper Jonni Apollo is not afraid to challenge the accepted norms and systems. With his previous release, “Afieroméni Stin,” the artist proved his boldness and vision, and with his latest release, “3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles),” he owns and claims them. Nothing about the release is usual or typical to the hip-hop genre. Jonni invents a new side of the genre and gives a new spirit to it. Edgy vibes pour out of his music; his beats are heavy and groovy; his lyricism is a mixture of urban and poetic elements, the atmosphere he spreads is groovy and catchy. 

Neither Jonni’s looks nor his rapping manner or voice matches certain genre standards, but with “3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles)” releases, he owns the genre by following its only rule: breaking standards and sterotypes. His spirit is obstinate; his mind is bright; his creativity sparkles and shines bright with a passion for the craft. “3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles)” is just the beginning and proves nothing can stop the creator. 

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