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Hear a preview of Stray Kids’ new song ‘Topline’ with Tiger JK

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K-pop boyband Stray Kids have unveiled a preview of ‘Topline’, a new song from their upcoming album.

Stray Kids teased the upcoming song through a short track video, released on their official YouTube page. ‘Topline’ will feature Korean-American rapper Tiger JK, and will appear on the bouband’s upcoming studio album ‘5-Star’. The record is set to arrive June 2 at 1pm KST/12am ET.

In the new clip, the Stray Kids and Tiger JK perform the high-octane song in a warehouse atop shopping containers, as money falls from the sky. “On the top line, we swing to the beat show / Ha, hotline, hot, hot, we about to blow, top line / We can see the world under our feet, we’re the top line / Your neck must be stiff from only looking up,” they rap.


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‘5-Star’ includes a total of 12 songs, and will be led by the single ’S-Class’. The upcoming album will also contain their August 2022 track ‘Mixtape: Time Out’, as well as a Korean version of their Japanese single ‘The Sound’, plus previously teased songs ‘Get Lit’ and ‘DLC’.

‘5-Star’ will mark Stray Kids’ first domestic release in over seven months, following their mini-album ‘Maxident’ in October 2022, as well as their first studio album since 2021’s ‘NOEASY’. The group first dropped a trailer announcing the release of ‘5-Star’ late last month.

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