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Fans delighted at Anakin Skywalker cameo in latest ‘Ahsoka’ episode: “Probably the best shot I have ever seen in Star Wars”

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Fans on social media have been sharing their delight at the Anakin Skywalker cameo in the latest episode of Ahsoka.

In the newest episode of the Star Wars spin-off TV series, Hayden Christensen made a return as his beloved character, to the joy of fans.

One fan described Anakin’s entrance through the haze and transition into Darth Vader as “probably the best shot I have ever seen in Star Wars,” with another saying: “Anakin Skywalker referencing his son Luke Skywalker to Ahsoka meant everything to me.”


Another fan lauded Christensen’s performance as “perfect” while another said: “Thank you, Hayden Christensen. I hope you know how much we love you. Goodbye, Skyguy.”

Another fan said: We have NEVER seen this Anakin before. He finally has all of the memories and experiences of Vader, no longer burdened with his physical limitations from his injuries, & he’s on the side of the Light. This is incredible. Hayden I have m i s s e d you.”


See more reactions to the cameo below.

The new series sees Rosario Dawson reprise her role as the titular Jedi, after making her live-action debut in The Mandalorian season 2 (the character originated from the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars).

First reviews for Ahsoka praised the show as a “dream come true” with one writing: “It’s got those classic Star Wars vibes while also feeling very fresh.”

In a three-star review of the show, NME wrote: “The action cuts fast and loose (apparently you can be stabbed through the guts with a lightsaber now and hop out of bed the next morning), but it’s all slickly served up and polished to a Disney+ sheen.

“This isn’t the grounded grit of Andor and it isn’t the stripped-back sweep of The Mandalorian nor the multiplex ambition of Obi-Wan Kenobi, but Ahsoka has more than enough of its own charm and electricity to be something greater than filler.”

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