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Dive Into The Mysterious World of “Vampire” With Hot Mondy

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“Vampire” is the next song in Hot Mondy’s wild escapade of this year. One after another, the band has released three amazing singles, boasting some impressive musical arrangement and creative flight of thought. “Vampire” is an intriguing exploration of the creature who throughout centuries has remained mysterious despite its actual non-existence. 

Masters of country and rock, Hot Mondy members Matt Rhind, Travis Flint, Matt Brannon, Troy Arseneault, and Mat Budreski all have their unique, invaluable input in the kind of music the band creates. Their previously released masterpiece called “Desert Moonlight” is a song to fall in love with thanks to the powerful vocals and the fierce and bold music. Much like “Vampire”, this song also seems to have the nonchalant charm of early 20th century western vibes. 

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