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Conan Gray kicks off “new era” with Max Martin-produced ‘Never Ending Song’

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Conan Gray has released his first single of 2023 to kick off a “new era” – check out the Max Martin-produced ‘Never Ending Song’ below.

‘Never Ending Song’ is the first track Gray has released since 2022’s ‘Superache’ and the lush, ‘80s inspired track was also co-written by Martin.

“I hope you can feel the smiles we had on our faces making this song. Happy beginning of summer,” Gray said, sharing the track on social media.


Check out ‘Never Ending Song’ below.

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“It’s about a tale as old as time and something we’ve all gone through, which is a painful tumultuous relationship that just never seems to die no matter how many times you kill it,” Gray said in a press release.

“The story just drags on and on. Maybe that’s by design, or maybe you secretly don’t want it to ever end. I’ve always enjoyed disguising my sadness inside of upbeat music. It’s how I’ve handled life. I never like to take myself too seriously – life is painful enough as is.”

“I wanted to make something that felt like a true reflection of who I am these days,” he added. “It felt like a celebration of emotions rather than mourning them. It’s beautiful that we get to grow and change together. ‘Never Ending Song’ is the beginning of a story.”


In the run up to the release of ‘Never Ending Song’, fans spotted “Help Wanted” posters which led to the mysterious Food Heaven Grocery website.

Speaking to NME in 2021, Gray said: “When I’m writing a song, I think that I always want to capture the moment as big as I possibly can. I’m just a very intense romantic – I will take any small situation and make it gigantic, make it much more than it probably was in the moment.“

In a four-star review of ‘Superache’, NME wrote: “The album boasts ballads and bangers in equal measure. Throughout the 12-song collection, Gray carefully excavates past traumas, laying them bare for listeners to absorb and empathise with.”

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