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Check out this ‘Starfield’ fan’s “unbeatable” custom ship

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A Starfield player has managed to construct what they would consider to be an “unbeatable” ship by building it without a middle.

Reddit user Morfalath found that the game’s artificial intelligence will instruct enemy ships to fire at the centre of the player’s ship. This is likely to account for potential variety in ship shapes as players express their creativity in the builder. But, by building a ship that has no middle, Morfalath’s ship is never hit by enemy fire and is, in other words, invincible.

the (by AI) unbeatable ship (they shoot through the middle)
byu/Morfalath inStarfield


The player also reached the maximum limits in the Starfield ship builder for height, length and width, meaning that the construction is enormous and takes some time to travel through to locate the cockpit.

Morfalath mostly uses a “proper” ship rather than this behemoth, but fellow fans have been amusing themselves by thinking up the reactions of non-playable characters to the unusual creation.

Similarities were drawn to gantry cranes – structures that are used to load containers on and off container ships – or to a space station in its own right. The overwhelming feeling from fans was that it is an achievement but that the practicalities of such a ship outweigh its survivability.

Starfield producer Jamie Mallory became a hero to fans when she showed off her ship, the “H.M.S. Platypus”, which she uses to embark on sandwich raids across the stars. Since then, she’s shared another creation, a “colossal sandwich” shaped ship called “The Griller”.

Taking a more rational approach, other players were inspired by famous sci-fi ships like Star Wars’ X-Wing starfighter, Mass Effect‘s Normandy SR-2 and Alien‘s USCSS Nostromo.

In other gaming news, Mortal Kombat 1 showed off the Jean-Claude Van Damme skin for Johnny Cage in a section of the game, and how that was a moment “30 years in the making”.

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